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Heather & Trevor Wurtele on Not Racing Ironman Kona, Doping in Triathlon, and Leaving Safe Careers Ep.090

Heather and Trevor Wurtele, otherwise known as Team Wurtele, are the married Ironman triathletes from Canada who made a name for themselves originally when they gave up their careers and sold all their possessions in order to purchase and RV and pursue their dreams of becoming professional Ironman triathletes.  They now make a name their themselves with multiple Ironman and half Ironman wins between the two of them all around the world.

Heather Wurtele has had a fantastic season winning her first race at half-ironman Campeche 70.3, and a second place finish at Challenge Heilbronn.  Trevor has also had a good season with a win at Challenge Geraardsbergen in Belgium and a runner-up finish at Challenge Heilbronn in Germany.

Topics discussed in this interview: