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Felix Magowan is a partner at Pocket Ventures, which is best known to triathletes as the company that has recently purchased Triathlete Magazine, Velonews, Velopress, and Women's Running from World Triathlon Corporation (the company that runs Ironman).  What's most interesting about this is that in...

Today on the Triathlon Taren Trainiask Podcast, Parvita (who says she's from the other side of the world!) asks what kind of recovery should she do after a tough brick session.  Taren's answer applies to any tough workout....

Today on the Triathlon Taren Trainiask Podcast, Tristan from Munich, Germany says his main problem is morning motivation.  He's looking for tips on how to get into a regular groove of getting up early to train before work, something he's found to be almost impossible. ...

On today's Triathlon Taren Trainiask Podcast, Taren answers a question from Sam.  Sam recently graduated from the bike path and is heading onto the roads to cycle, and he's wondering about safety tips. There was a bike fatality near where he lives, and he wants...

In today's episode of the Trainiask podcast, Sam from New Castle, England wants to know how much training he should be doing right now (in February), as he's doing an Ironman in October in Barcelona.  He wants to know how much training he should be doing...

Today on the Trainiask podcast, Dusty from Wyoming has a question regarding heart rate.  He finds his heart rate during bike and swim training is steady, but as soon as he runs, his HR skyrockets.  He wants to become a faster runner.  So, what can...