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In today's edition of the Triathlon Taren Trainiask podcast, our question comes from Chrissy in Sacramento, California.  She's doing a six week FTP building program wants to know about overlapping that with Triathlon Taren's off-season weight training program.  She has the Santa Rosa 70.3 coming...

Today on the Triathlon Trainiask podcast, Eric from Poland wants to know about "testing" during pre-season training to help figure out pacing during a race.  Taren explains how to do an FTP test on a bike, and how he uses the results of that to...

Today on the Triathlon Trainiask podcast, Rob wants to know what kind of shoes are most comfortable on the bike.  Taren talks about why it's critically important to pick proper shoes for cycling, HOW to pick the best pair for yourself, and WHEN you should...

On today's episode of the Trainiask podcast, L.G. from North Carolina asks how a person can tell if their training is making them a better triathlete, when they participate in different "types" of races throughout the year.  Taren explains which metrics you should use to...

In today's episode of the Trainiask podcast, we hear from Boris. Boris' swim coach encourages swimmers to use a pull buoy to develop their skills, but Triathlon Taren recently said pull buoys are a crutch that prevents swimmers from developing proper strength and technique.  Who's...