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Today on the Triathlon Trainiask Podcast, Taren answers a question from Nicky.  He asks how Taren thinks Alistair Brownlee will do when he comes back, full fitness. Will he smash everyone again?  Will he be able to do a full Ironman if he crosses over...

In today's edition of the Triathlon Taren Trainiask Podcast, Johnny from Arizona has signed up for his first 70.3, and says he has only done pool swimming to this point because he lives in the desert.  He wants to know how he can practice or...

Today on Triathlon Taren's Trainiask podcast, David in Southern California explains how he's currently doing wintertime triathlons in California where there's a pool swim at the end instead of a swim at the start (also known as a reverse triathlon, run/bike/swim).  He wants to know...

In today's episode of the Triathlon Taren Trainiask podcast, Alyson refers to a Facebook post Taren posted, where he described a 70 minute bike he did with his ride group, with 30 minutes done above race pace.  She wants to know what that translates into,...

In today's Trainiask Podcast, Taren answers a question from Jim in New York.  He wants to know about training for a hot weather triathlon in the cold; Jim is doing IM Florida 70.3 in April, but training in New York while it's still winter.  Taren...