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In this episode of the daily Triathlon Taren Trainiask podcast, Simon asks about pacing during a sprint distance triathlon vs pacing for a longer race (Olympic, half or full Ironman), as it relates to heart rate and other important metrics....

In this episode, Triathlon Taren answers a question submitted by Koby from Montana. He explains why he uses a road bike on the trainer instead of his tri bike, even once race season gets closer, and why it's important NOT to be aero in the...

In this episode of the daily Trainiask podcast, Triathlon Taren answers Nojy's question and gives tips on how to prevent his feet from sinking when he swims. He also talks about whether a wet suit can help prevent foot sinking (and by extension, drag) in...

In this episode, Taren answers Immer's question about whether Zwift is worth the money or is Trainer Road better?  And also does it make more sense to spend money on a smart trainer OR upgrade to a newer/better bike frame instead.    ...

In this episode of the Trainiask podcast, Triathlon Taren talks specifically about what he consumes before a morning workout as he answers Allan's question about morning workouts and whether you should do them fasted or fed (in other words, eat before a morning workout or...