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On today's episode of the Trainiask podcast with Triathlon Taren, David from Springfield, MO asks how frequently you should be doing speed, strength and tempo runs to get faster.  Shout-out to his sherpa/wife Erin!...

Today, on the Trainkask podcast with Triathlon Taren, Carmen wants to know about different beats for kicking in the water, as she finds herself kicking nonstop while trying to plow through the water.  She's asking how she can use her strong kick to her advantage....

In today's Trainiask podcast, Andrea from Italy (who says the Trainiask podcast is "gorgeous"!)  wants to know Taren's take on Garmin watches, including about watch faces and other data tracking. His answer won't be what you think....

Dr. Michael Greger MD is likely one of the worlds leading proponents of eating a whole foods plant based diet. He is an author of five books on the benefits of plant based (vegan, however not necessarily 100% vegan) diets, he speaks around the world...