Unbelievable comeback after horrific accident in Kona 2017| Pro Triathlete Matt Russell

Professional triathlete Matt Russell was having a great race at Kona in 2017 when he was hit by a vehicle mid-race. Not only did he suffer nearly life-ending physical injuries, he sustained a catastrophic brain injury.  The accident was so bad, he doesn’t remember any of it, he only knows the details relayed to him by fellow triathletes on the course who saw it happen.  Incredibly, he is already back to racing, despite the fact he still has many side-effects from what happened.

On today’s episode of the Triathlon Taren podcast, Matt gives his very first interview since the crash happened.  He talks about how the brain injury still plagues him, what it was like to heal from injuries that were millimetres from taking his life, and what it’s like to be back to racing.

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