Laura Siddall: Choosing Challenge vs Ironman Races & Becoming a Pro Triathlete as an Adult

Laura Siddall (Sidd) is a top pro Ironman distance triathlete who is a multiple long course triathlon champion.  Laura Siddall had a phenomenal 2017 season of triathlon racing, concentrating largely on the Challenge Family of triathlon races winning multiple times and finishing second in the Challenge European points rankings, she also placed second in Ironman New Zealand and eventually finished 15th at the 2017 Ironman World Championships.

Laura talks about the decision to focus on Challenge Family triathlons versus Ironman races, the challenges associated with being an upcoming pro triathlete, her decision to leave her corporate career at an older age (her words, not ours), and many other topics.  Thanks Sidd!

Topics discussed in this interview