Obese and bullied, triathlete Ian Harding lost 100 lbs and helps others get healthy

Ian Harding grew up overweight. He was bullied and bordering on depressed, and as he grew older, found himself drinking an unhealthy amount. At high end, he was 320lbs and climbing.  Once he made it to college, he had a few eye-opening experiences that made him realize a life change was in order.  That life change included triathlon; Ian has since lost 100lbs, has competed in two USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals, and chooses a healthy lifestyle every day.

On today’s Triathlon Taren podcast, we talk to Ian about his mindset as a child and into adulthood as he continued to gain weight, the epiphanies he had that led him to try and get healthy, and advice he gives people looking to follow in his footsteps.


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