Felix Magowan: Why He Bought Triathlete Magazine from Ironman

Felix Magowan is a partner at Pocket Ventures, which is best known to triathletes as the company that has recently purchased Triathlete Magazine, Velonews, Velopress, and Women’s Running from World Triathlon Corporation (the company that runs Ironman).  What’s most interesting about this is that in the 1980s Felix was one of the original founders of Inside Communications which owned and operated Inside Cycling, Inside Triathlon, and Triathlete Magazine.

In this interview Triathlon Taren and Felix talk shop about why Felix and his team at Pocket Outdoor Media would decide to come out of retirement in the triathlon and endurance sports world at a time when media businesses are fighting massive headwinds in the industry.

Topics discusses in this podcast with Felix Magowan: