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Daryl Hurrie: Canada’s Mad Sports Scientist who creates Olympians

Darryl Hurrie is often referred to as the Mad Sports Scientist.  He has trained athletes to the Olympics and been the Director of Sports Science for Canadian Sports Centres.  Darryl is a young guy and an athlete himself, so he’s able to take his huge breadth of knowledge in sports science and translate it easily to age group athletes looking for the edge on their competition.

Daryl Hurrie is currently completing his PhD in Exercise in Extreme Environments at the University of Manitoba. He is a Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Exercise Physiologist and a Certified Personal Trainer Course Facilitator.  He is on the advisory board of the National Strength and Conditioning Associating – Manitoba Region and has served on the National Sport Science and Sport Medicine Advisory Council.

Topics discussed in the interview: