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Ben Fuqua: Top 10 American in Kona in Just 5 Days a Week

In this interview Triathlon Taren and No Triathlon Kim speak with competitive age group triathlete Ben Fuqua from Team Every Man Jack.  Ben started triathlon in 2010 and in his first several races he was anything but spectacular, clocking half-ironman finish times of 6:34 and full ironman times close to fourteen hours.

Ben transformed his body and his triathlon racing ability dramatically in just several seasons and now has a personal best half-ironman finish time of 4:13 and was a top 10 American amateur in Kona in 2016.

Ben is also a team member of the mens personal care product line Team Every Man Jack which is an awesome tri team featuring some of the fastest amateur triathletes in in the world who are also very accomplished in life.