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Matt Dixon is the head coach of Purple Patch Fitness. He coaches professional Ironman champions with notables such as Sarah Piampiano, Jesse Thomas, Laura Siddall, Kevin Collington and an host of other pros, elite amateurs, and age groupers from around the world. Matt Dixon is well...

On today's Triathlon Trainiask podcast, James says he's new to winter running and needs to buy a base layer. He's wondering about Merino wool vs synthetic materials to keep warm, something Taren knows quite a bit about, living through the cold Winnipeg winters!...

On this episode of the Trainiask podcast, Shannon says she only has seven hours a week to spend on training.  She wants to know how to best distribute it over the three disciplines, swimming, biking, and running. TRANSCRIPT: Triathlon Taren: Hey, what's up [trainiacs 00:00:07], Triathlon Taren...

On today's Trainiask podcast, Tristan from Munich asks, for those who don't have a power meter, how can they use rate of perceived exertion (RPE) and heart rate zone together in training.  Taren explains how and why you can use your heart rate/RPE for many...

Today on the Trainiask Podcast, Triathlon Taren answers a question from Ken.  Ken says the swim is his worst leg (as it is for many triathletes) but he's encouraged by the fact Taren had a hard time swimming across a 25 metre pool when he...

Today on the Triathlon Trainiask Podcast, Taren answers a question from Nicky.  He asks how Taren thinks Alistair Brownlee will do when he comes back, full fitness. Will he smash everyone again?  Will he be able to do a full Ironman if he crosses over...