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Triathlon Taren & No Triathlon Kim Intro Ep.001

In this first episode of the Triathlon Taren and No Triathlon Kim podcast Taren gets interviewed by Kim.

In the podcast interview they talk about Taren’s youth being very unfit and how he eventually lost 65lbs, why he left weightlifting and ended up accidentally taking up triathlon, how Triathlon Taren started, and some of the things that he loves the most about the triathlon Trainiacs community.

Topics mentioned in the podcast interview:

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  1. Loving the podcast so far! Perfect for listening to while catching up on all the housework that went by the wayside during racing season 🙂

  2. Great first episode guys! I appreciate your transparency even through the hard times. Triathlon is certainly a way of life. I just got into triathlons this year and I’m having major surgery next month that will put me out of racing for 3-6 months. You guys are one of my big motivators to get through recovery. Thanks for being there!

  3. Greetings Taren, looking forward to subscribing to your podcast. If I might humbly suggest that you get your podcast on SoundCloud, which just happens to be one of the most popular locations and host for podcast at the moment. Keep running! Thanks for your hard work.

    1. Hey Shawn, Soundcloud takes the place of the RSS feed on my website. I’d love to be all places all the time but I’ve got to be conscious of taking on too many things so I’ll have to do some thinking about uploading podcasts again in Soundcloud

  4. Well done TT and NTK! So many good things… so many! Thanks for your inspiration.
    I also lost a ton of weight last year… from couch to trainiac. Awesome journey.
    Rock n roll guys! Keep on smashing it.

  5. Great podcast Taren! Way to take that next step. Even though I haven’t been racing/training this summer it’s been fun following your journey! Finally able to get back into training soon! How can I help you out on your journey? Without going broke myself? Lol do you have any races planned for late spring/early summer?

  6. Leaving this here since iTunes won’t accept my review…
    I’m new to triathlon but it has been a long time goal of mine to complete. Taren’s daily videos keep me motivated to continue training for this goal. So excited for another medium to listen to to make this long time dream become a reality.

  7. Loving the podcast quite new to triathlons as only done 2 sprints but improved so happy with that.
    Your YouTube vlogs are great and really informative especially for new people too the sport as you touched on, theres load of info out there but not in an easy language. And your vlogs
    I was over 330lbs before I started triathlons to be healthy for me And give my daughter a better roll model I’m now 280 ish and she’s training to do her first one next year.
    Keep up the great work

  8. Great first Episode. NTK I just want to throw this out there….my NTK (No Triathlon Kathy) is now TTK (Two Triathlon Kathy) so anything can happen! She did 2 sprint Tri’s with me this season.

  9. Super! Enjoyed listening and hearing the realness in your podcast (all the swearing and such) as well as more of your backstory and motivations.

  10. Im glad it took you a while to get on a plan and on track with consistent training. I am at he beginning and still feel like I am trying to get on board. I found a basic “Couch to Sprint” program in 12 weeks and did complete my first Tri, but fell off with my training following the event. I had a goal and went for it. I never really got my diet in order. I think that is what I will be working on during the off season and lose about 35-40 pounds. I am going to try to survive my next event in 2 weeks with crap for training over the past month. After 2 weeks off (work, classes, a minivacation, root canal and two wisdom teeth extracted) I hopped in the pool and all but drowned. Thank you for showing me that you didn’t wake up one day and be who you are now.


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