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6-Time World Champion Mark “The Grip” Allen Ep.002

Mark Allen is potentially the greatest triathlete of all time.  He is a 6-time Ironman Hawaii World Champion, he was an undefeated 10 time Nice International Triathlon champion, and over the course of his career he appeared on the podium in 90% of the races he entered.

In this podcast interview with Mark Allen Triathlon Taren and co-host No Triathlon Kim get into why Mark developed a passion for triathlon, how the Iron War (perhaps the greatest triathlon of all time) unfolded AND a surprising fact about the legitimacy of the Iron War book, how Mark Allen used shamanism to excel in triathlon, and the things he would recommend to all triathletes to help them excel in the sport.

Topics mentioned in the podcast interview:

Mark Allen Coaching Online

Fit Soul Fit Body

Iron War Book

Fit Soul Fit Body Book

The Art of Competition

  1. Awesome podcast! Mark definitely has a unique perspective and insight to training and competing that can help every level of triathlete. One thing I was waiting to hear, but was slightly disappointed is why we have not seen a sub-8 Kona from his perspective. He and Dave thought they could go 7:45 in 1989 on the right day, but here we are with all of the data and technology and still have not at Kona.
    Overall a great interview. Just an idea. Put all future guests on the spot! Why has improvement taken so long in triathlon? Gear, nutrition, experience, opportunity, research has all substantially improved and even non-Kona times have dramatically improved on the men’s side, but still feel like something is missing. Of course, Daniella Ryf is taking women to a new level!

  2. Hi Taren, very good work it is an amazing interview, I have read the book few times.
    I have been following you since March this year, your are an amazing person, I have learnt soo much from you .
    Thank you so much.

    James Martinez
    P.D. i am doing ironman 70.3 in sunshine coast australia this Sunday, I will use some of the principle and skills that i picked from you channel.

  3. Hi T
    I listened to this on my way to run the Treherne Half Marathon this morning. Amazing athlete and will YouTube more about him, his races and find out why he called “The Grip”. (lol) Listening to this was very interesting and made the early morning ride very enjoyable. Great Job!


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