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Ironman Hawaii 2017 World Championship: Hoka One One, Rudy Project, Halo Neuroscience

Triathlon Taren sat down with Hoka One One, Rudy Project, and Halo Neuroscience during the expo days of the Ironman Hawaii 2017 World Championship.  The seniors managers of each company talk about their new tech, history of their companies, their contributions to triathlon and the Ironman World Championship, and they provide their picks for race day.

Topics discussed in the interviews (includes affiliate links which won’t cost you anything extra, however if you purchase anything on the affiliate sites within 24 hours after clicking these links we get a small commission which really helps out because it all adds up):

  • Halo Neuroscience 
  • Hoka One One Clifton 4
  • Hoka One One Tracer
  • Hoka One One Clayton
  • Rudy Project Boost 01
  • Rudy Project Wing 57
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  1. Good Morning/Afternoon Taren,( Its afternoon where I live buy you are currently in Kona watching the Ironman World Champs)

    I have just started training for my first triathlon and wanted to say thank you for putting out such fantastic content. I am trying to catch up on all of your videos, but my job keeps getting in the way. I found your channel a few weeks ago and starting to become a huge fan. I am sitting here watching the World Champs and getting super pumped. Sorry getting off topic. To the reason, I am writing you today, I was wondering if you had any plans to interview some of the people taking one of the people taking your courses or someone who has only been training for 6 months-2 years? As a new triathlete, I think that would be really cool.
    Thank you for your time,


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