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    Alfred Lam

    Hi! I just purchased a new tri bike in preparation for next season where I am planning to move up to half-ironman distance races. I got the bike professionally fitted by my usual bike fitter, so everything felt great dimensions-wise. However, after taking it out on the road twice, I am surprised to find how different it felt…specifically the balance. I feel “wobbly” (side to side) when I am on the aero bars, and the fact that I am seated more “forward” on the bike made me feel “insecure”. Any one had similar experiences when they first got on a tri bike? Any tips on how to get more comfortable?


    Rodrigo Perez

    Hello Alfred. Just give it more time. Practice aero position on easy roads when you are going straight and less handling is needed. Then after a while you will feel more comfortable. Im NO expert. Quite the opposive. I was feeling I was gona crash on aero position even in the turbo trainer at first. Then ith a bit of practice It all gett better. Yeah that aero position is intimidating but its just a matter of patience and practice. Cheers. Shark out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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