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Triathlon Strength Core Training Routine

This triathlon strength training core routine is something that I use 1-3 times per week, and have done so for the past three years.  I got started on this core strength routine when Steve, one of my physiotherapists from Pure Lifestyle in Winnipeg, was taking care of me during my 27kms Lac du Bonnet marathon swim in 2013.

This routine is fantastic for triathletes and other endurance athletes to progressively build up their core strength without spending hours and hours doing so.

Steve recommended performing the following routine three times per week, starting by going through the routine once through with 10 seconds in each position.  As triathletes become stronger and 10 seconds feel easier they should increase the time spent in each position to 15-20-25-30 seconds each.


  1. Plank
  2. Up-up / down-down starting with right arm
  3. Up-up / down-down starting with left arm
  4. Hand extensions
  5. Side plank one side
  6. Side plank other side
  7. Side plank with leg lifts one side
  8. Side plank with leg lifts other side
  9. Side plank one side
  10. Side plank other side
  11. V-Sit
  12. V-sit twists done slowly
  13. V-sit twists done quickly
  14. Hip Bridge
  15. Hip bridge with leg lifts of one leg
  16. Hip bridge with leg lifts of other leg


  1. This has been really helpful (short but effective, just how I like ’em), thank you for sharing! Does there happen to be a Core Training #2 around, for people who like to mix it up a little?

    1. I haven’t actually ever graduated beyond core #1. I was told I’d get Core #2 when I could do core #1 for 30 second intervals without any difficulty, three years later and I’ve never got there.


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