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Coach Pat on Triathlon Communities, Training Frequency and Marathon Swimming Ep.005

Triathlon Taren’s Coach, Patrick Peacock, is one of Canada’s top Olympic distance age group triathletes.  He has been named Canadian Age Group Athlete of the year and has posted personal best times of a 1:54 Olympic distance race and a 4:12 half-ironman triathlon distance race.

In this episode of the Triathlon Taren Podcast Coach Pat discusses how he found out that he had a natural talent for triathlon, how his first few triathlon workouts and races featured bonks and barfs, why he enjoys tackling challenges like open water marathon swims and the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim, what his weekly triathlon training schedule is, and where he sees Triathlon Taren’s talents progressing in the sport.

Topics discussed during the interview:

Coach Pat Triathlon Training Plans

Red River Marathon Swim Attempt #1

Red River Marathon Swim Redemption

  1. As with all the podcasts i really enjoy hearing about coach pats story. I do have to say it cracked me up when pat talked about the rolling of the eyes from his wife. I got that on sunday night after a run that was meant to be 2hr (about 16km) ended up me getting lost in surburbs i dont know and running for 3hrs (over 21km).

  2. How frequently will the podcasts be coming out? I’ve listened to them all already and want more? I need some Triathlon Taren when I’m in the car and I don’t quite like you enough to burn all of my data listening to the videos.


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