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Half-Ironman Austin 70.3 2017 Race Recap

Half-Ironman Austin 70.3 happened on October 29, 2017 and Triathlon Taren placed 5th in the 35-39 age category and 82nd overall, qualifying for Half-Ironman Worlds South Africa in 2018.

In this podcast Taren sits down in the grass right after the awards ceremony and discusses the things that went well from the race, what went poorly, what lessons he learned from the race, and how he needs to approach future races.

Things discussed in the podcast:

  1. There is enough public information out there for you to call out the assholes on the bike if you remember their #’s.
    Give their names (or bib #’s) out on your youtube channel. Assholes deserve to be called on their bullshit.
    You’re right, that is the antithesis of the spirit of the event.

  2. Big congratulations!!!!! So excited for you! My husband and I love watching your videos! Cant wait to see how you progress in training for Worlds! We just completed our first triathlon this weekend same day as your Austin 70.3 I am working on your 70.3 training plan now and we are certainly grateful for all the advice and videos you put out! PS LOVE NTK!

  3. Hey Triathlon Taren, it’s PBR (Paddle Board Rosita) and not Gilles from Ottawa, this is my first comment ever since “we” have been watching your vlogs and listening to your podcast. Congrats to you for your most recent accomplishment, it was like being there with you. Gilles and I tracked you on the Ironman website throughout the race and watched you cross the finish line on the big screen projector, nothing short of amazing.
    By the way, do not pay any attention to the “banana a-hole, snot chucking, drafting cheaters”. They are losers and regretfully obstacles for true triathletes like yourself. Love listening to you, hi to NTK and Mel. As soon as Gilles gets better from his dental surgery, we are definitely going to make NTK’s copycat Acai bowl, can’t wait. PBR

  4. I couldn’t wait to see the result of your focused training. Congratulations on a superb race, given the variables that always come into play on race day. You did amazing!

  5. Taren, congratulations for your qualification.

    I enjoyed hearing your commentary at the end about triathlon in general and the support you received. I’ve only been doing triathlon for a couple of years but really can’t help noticing how friendly, inclusive and supportive it is. For an age grouper it kind of feels like we’re one big team of triathletes doing the best we can to help each other to get over the line, far more so than cycling or running alone.

    All the best, Ben

  6. Love the you tube videos Pod casts were even better. I am doing the core strength training. I have a question: how do miles on the treadmill translate to miles on the road? Same for bike trainers. My heart rate average on run is staying between 150 and 160 asumming max were 200 does thus seem too high to maintain. Just seems high from a % standpoint. I am 51yrs old

    Thanks in advance for your time planning on getting a half tri plan. Tell NNTK Kim I said Hi
    Brian Dekeyser


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