“Triathlon” Taren Gesell is an age-group endurance athlete who competes in triathlons, marathon swims, running races, and morning group bike rides that give grown adults a taste of adrenaline and caffeine before heading off to work.

In late 2015 Taren was unsatisfied with his career in finance and started a YouTube channel (originally called “A-Race Triathlon Taren”) simply for a creative outlet.  That YouTube channel is what has become the worldwide triathlon “Trainiac” community which is the fastest growing, and one of the largest, online triathlon-focused communities of athletes in the world.


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  • YouTube 30k subscribers 400k monthly views
  • Podcast 40k monthly downloads (most highly rated triathlon podcast in the world)
  • Instagram 14k followers 200k monthly impressions
  • Facebook 9k followers 200k monthly reach
  • Strava 3k followers
  • Twitter 1.3k follwoers
  • Email 9k subscribers
  • Triathlontaren.com 40k monthly visitors


LOCATIONS: USA (45%), UK (11%), Canada (7.7%), Germany (3.9%), Australia (2.6%)

GENDER: Male (87%), Female (13%)

AGE: 25-34 (39%), 35-44 (30%), 18-24 (13%), 45-54 (12%)




I believe that a successful relationship between a company and an influencer is one where the influencer would say good things about the company even if they weren’t being paid.  For this reason, we only partner with companies whose products we would use on a day to day basis and be thrilled to share with the world.  

Depending upon the extent of the scope of the partnership, Taren is offering the following brand exposure opportunities.  Partnerships may include one, several, or all of the following:

Premiere Partner Sponsor: your company will be listed on triathlontaren.com as Taren’s chosen gear.  Your company and products will also be featured, promoted, and discussed regularly on all of Taren’s media properties.  Placements may include: usage in vlogs, mentions in vlogs, photos on social media, dedicated Instagram or Snapchat Stories, pre-roll placement in podcast episodes, banner placement in triathlontaren.com posts,

Vlog placement: your company and products can be featured or mentioned in Triathlon Taren’s daily videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Podcast placement: your company and products can be featured in pre-roll advertisements of Triathlon Taren podcast episodes.

Gear placement: so long as the gear is not in conflict with that of Triathlon Taren’s Premiere Partner Sponsors your products may be used as a part of Taren’s daily videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Brand Ambassador DutiesAvailability for advertising, appearances & motivational speaking engagements at corporate headquarters, in-store retail and/or corporate sponsored events and activities tailored to sponsor’s specific company activities.

Banner Ads: your company and products may be featured on triathlontaren.com posts.

*Rates are typically priced through third-party industry standards and negotiable depending on the scope of the partnership.


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